Blue October-Hate me (Lyrics) | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia

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Blue October-Hate me (Lyrics) | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia.

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Blue October – Hate Me (Lyrics)

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Blue October-Hate me (Lyrics)
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hate me lyrics

Blue October-Hate me (Lyrics).

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34 thoughts on “Blue October-Hate me (Lyrics) | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia”

  1. I loved him.. I still do.. I always will.. I hate how I wouldn't put us first when I should have.. when I still had the opportunity to do it.. he did what was best for him, and as much as it kills me, I'm glad that he did what he did.. it saved him and gave me the painful wake up call…

  2. My ex just broke up with me because she's choosing to stay with her stepdad, who is married to her mom instead of me. She posted this song. What am I supposed to take away from this? I'm not trying to be s*** I just want to understand and I'm having a hard time doing so

  3. I used to love this song when I was 5 or 6 years old. I'm finding a lot of music that I used to like as a super young kid, and I love it more now. I understand the lyrics, and hope I can never relate to them.

  4. ill always love you kaley and ill wait till the time is right but until then ill be waiting on the streetcorner. With all of my vices keeping me comfort. i love you kaley.

  5. You'll lose her. You're a heroin addict. Dont lose her. Do not lose her. Dont promise her a billion times because you'll see her with someone else. Dont lose her.

  6. My addition was sex addition. Cheated and fucked myself over for 10 years with her. I've ruined and wasted her life. She was connecting with another guy for a year behind my back but shes justified. I truly was a monster and me being gone was the best thing for her. Shes happy and if that's what god needs for her then I'll accept it

  7. So, I have to cut ties with my mother. She's toxic severely. She made me the runt in the family since I'm autistic. Every day I have severe PTSD moments.

  8. This song brings me tears listening to it now after experiencing my fiancé being an addict. SO many times he did me wrong. SO many lies. SO much deceit. But that was before I knew about his addiction. After I found out, I wanted to be there for him, make him better. I wanted him to know that we (myself and our 1 year old daughter) love him very much. Addicts go through so much those of us who are sober cannot comprehend. He's been sober now for years with occasional struggles but no matter what becomes of us, I will always make sure he's ok. Nobody wants to suffer with a life of addiction.

  9. I have this friend. I’m 25 going on 26. She’s got a daughter just a few years younger than me and she was really upset with me and it made me cry? I don’t know why man. It just upset me with her disapproval and this song started playing in my head which I haven’t heard in years

  10. It’s time. I’ve been drunk for too long. I have someone who I’m moving with, learned a new language, and moved to a new country. I don’t want to disappoint them anymore.

  11. Surely the line is “loved”, past tense? When he sings…
    “And will you never say that you love me, just to put it in my face?”
    It changes the meaning a lot…
    And will you never say that you Loved Me, just to put it in my face….
    Makes so much more sense to me…. And, obviously, hits home.

    I love this song. Thank you for uploading.

  12. The VERY first Blue October song i ever heard, back in the 2000s on the alt rock radio! As i aged i had forgotten who they were and was re-exposed through songs like 'The Weatherman' and 'Oh My My!'.
    Makes me happy to know theyre still going strong


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