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Space Oddity David Bowie

(took me a full afternoon to figure out… these ain’t regulars progressions.
But a classic. Find a friend a try the vocal harmonies! hours of pleasure!)

Intro: Fmaj7 Em Fmaj7 Em

C (c/g) Em C Em
Ground control to Major Tom Ground control to Major Tom

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Am Take your Am/Gprotein pills and Am/F#put your helmet oDn
C Ground control to Major EmTom C commencing countdown engines Emon
Am Am/G D ….
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

C This is ground control to Major ETom you’ve really made the gFrade
And the Fmpapers want to Cknow whose shirt you wFear
Now it’s tFmime to leave the cCapsule if you Fdare
CThis is Major Tom to ground cEontrol I’m stepping through the dFoor
And I’m flFmoating in a Cmost peculiar Fway
And the Fmstars look very Cdifferent tFoday

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For Fmaj7here am I sEmitting in a tin can Fmaj7 far above the Emworld
Bb Planet earth is Amblue and there’s Gnothing I can Fdo [C F G A A]2X


CThough I’m cross one hundred thousand mEiles I’m feeling very Fstill
And I Fmthink my spaceship kCnows which way to Fgo
Tell my Fmwife I love her vCery much she kFnows

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G Ground control to EMajor Tom your cAmircuits dead there’s soCmething wrong
Can you hGear me Major Tom’ Repeat…….




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