Ed Sheeran Happier Lyrics | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia

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Ed Sheeran Happier Lyrics | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia.

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@astonian stfu with yo bitch u wont do shit kid

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Ed Sheeran  Happier Lyrics
Ed Sheeran Happier Lyrics

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happier lyrics

Ed Sheeran Happier Lyrics.

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19 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran Happier Lyrics | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia”

  1. i m listening this song on loop since 2 hrs and litreally these lyrics are so hurting.
    i moved on from my fake friends but after listening to this all the memories come back in my mind and then again as usual i cant forget them.
    yes that fake friends who broke me but still i miss them i know they hurted me alot but still i dont know whyy i just miss them and want them in my life again but as true friends.

  2. "Babe, i really love You, and i will never let you go"
    Now she Is in another's arms, in another's bed, saying these words to another boy…. I was so happier with her, but some people were right when they told me:"Nothing will last Forever…"

  3. Yeah… I guess she is happier with him. Listening to this song after listening to Charlie Puth's "We don't talk anymore" is hitting me hard with some memories which I thought I had buried long ago.


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