In My Room – The Beach Boys (with lyrics) | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia

Apakah Anda mencari lagu In My Room – The Beach Boys (with lyrics) kan? Jika itu masalahnya, silakan lihat sekarang.


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In My Room – The Beach Boys (with lyrics) | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia.

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In My Room by The Beach Boys with lyrics on screen.

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In My Room – The Beach Boys (with lyrics)

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in my room lyrics

In My Room – The Beach Boys (with lyrics).

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  1. I first heard this song in the 1996 movie "Mother" starring Debbie Reynolds and Albert Brooks. It is now one of my most favorite Beach Boys songs.

  2. Wrong rhythm guitarist in most of these photos. The true rhythm guitarist on this song is David Marks, the young kid in the front middle of the 2nd photo, and also the second guy in the photo of all the boys carrying the long surfboard on the sand. In most of the other pics, however, we mistakenly see the shorter blond guy, Al Jardine, playing rhythm guitar. David Marks was the Beach Boys rhythm guitarist on their first 4 albums, including this song, 'In My Room' on their 3rd album, 'Surfer Girl.' Al Jardine replaced David Marks on the 5th album, AFTER the Beach Boys were nationally famous, thanks in large part to David Marks' guitar which gave the Beach Boys their "surfer rock n' roll" sound. Al Jardine is a fine musician and good guy, but he is misrepresented in the photos of this video. The switch in rhythm guitarists is too complex to explain here, the story is sad, but not nearly as dark and sinister as Pete Best's ousting from the Beatles. In fact, after David spent many years, sadly watching his old bandmates live rock n' roll superstardom, all the band members insisted they must invite him back, albeit as old men in their 60's and 70's. So David Marks rejoined the band in 2012 playing live concerts and still is with them today in 2021, having made enough money in the past 9 years of touring to live comfortably in old age, instead of poor and desolate had the Beach Boys not invited him back.

  3. About a month before I graduated from high school, I fell into a state of depression. I was so depressed that I stayed in bed for three days. I just didn't feel like doing anything. The following Fall after graduation didn't make anything better, I wasn't talking to friends like I use to because they were off at college or working. The first job I had was waaayyyy too overwhelming for me and for a while I would close myself in my bedroom and become isolated from my friends. I've recently been doing much much better and thanks to my new friends at my college Bible group, I'm able to be open about things and get support. I think it's safe to say I've fully come out of my shell!

  4. I love these Guys , this song is so heavenly the harmonizing is superb,, I saw Brian on my Facebook singing this with his group, it still sounds like it first did.

  5. Very very underrated song. This is the song which I connected so quickly than any other song I've heard. I'm huge fan of Beatles, LedZeppelin, PinkFloyd, Queen, TheDoors, SweetSmoke, IronMaiden, JimiHendrix. Awesome song !! Hats off !!!!

  6. I was watching an old episode of Friends (S2 ep8), oh yeah they're all old episodes, when they played 3 seconds of this song and I couldn't remember who it was.

    So short story long I'm now here.

  7. One of "my songs" from 7th grade (new kid in school) until junior year. Bullied everyday. Senior year was different, pretty much left alone… Not even a blip on the radar. Best year of high school.


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