New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia

Apakah Anda mencari lagu New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon kan? Jika itu masalahnya, silakan lihat sekarang.

New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia.

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Selain menyanyikan lagu karaoke New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon. Anda dapat menemukan lebih banyak lagu karaoke yang bagus di sini:

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New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon
New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon

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New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon.

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17 thoughts on “New Leader Of EVERGLOW: Sihyeon | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia”

  1. A lot of people here are worried and I'm just like are you guys even watching the Epick Log videos? They all seem to be doing fine, nothing's changed. EU's still EU, Sihyeon is still Sihyeon

  2. I'm a bit confused in why people think it's ok to call artists and idols CRACKHEADS. Or other terms like this. No offense but in other countries that is NOT a cute term being used. I don't think a lot of Kpop idols like that term and sadly they can't stand up for themselves. I'm bringing this up because I see A LOT of foreigners using these kinds of terms in describing artists/idols. I know in America if someone uses the term crackhead a lot of people assume drugs could be involved. "CRACKHEADS." There is A LOT of terms to use describing idols or artists that is nicer, emotionally healthier, etc. More people should really think of some of the terms used in the comment section under their videos. Or on their vlives. etc. For real pay attention to them. You will start seeing just how unhealthy foreigners are in describing Korean idols especially. Just saying what's "cute or normal" for you. Truly is NOT normal or how an artist or idols like/or should being described. Some hate that term and it's offensive as hell. YET sadly they can't speak up. Not to mention HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT SAYING THAT TERM AND KOREAN IDOLS CAREERS? Some more need too speak up for them when seeing these comments. ESPECIALLY when the term crackhead alone means "someone who habitually takes crack cocaine." So think before you find some words oh so cute. Especially it's offensive to certain races also. I truly think you need to do some research or THINK before you just type.

  3. Lmao I love seeing all these people over reacting hahah. Type of people that make their own life worse. You guys are your own worst enemy. Happy for both, eu now has less responsibility which is less stress. Good for them both

  4. I’m a little conflicted about this because Sihyeon kinda came off as an attention seeker in produce101 & 48 so I hope this isn’t the same case. People can change so I’m looking forward to see how she handles being a leader.

  5. In the most respectful and nice way possible, finally. I have absolutely nothing against EU, infact I think that she was an incredible leader and will remain a great idol, dancer, and singer. I’m just happy that the company is acknowledging Sihyeon’s talent and skill. She has been my favorite for Quite a while and I’m happy to see that she gets a chance to shine. Again, I mean this all in the most respectful way possible.

  6. I think the role is different in every group and company. Sometimes it seems RM's main responsibility is to break up fights over dumplings while Jihyo's main responsibility seems to be stopping everyone in the group from committing spoiler after spoiler. I'm mostly joking, of course, but it's kind of true.


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