Thousand Foot Krutch – In My Room (lyrics) | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia

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Thousand Foot Krutch – In My Room (lyrics) | Lagu karaoke di Indonesia.

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My lyric video of In My Room by Thousand Foot Krutch
[Album] Oxygen: inhale

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in my room lyrics

Thousand Foot Krutch – In My Room (lyrics).

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  1. He got the lyrics WRONG. Especially at the end. This is a great song. But he is sending a bad message at the end when he put "and I've BEEN waiting" IDK if he did that intentionally or not to throw people off, but that's basically saying God won't meet you when you wait on him. That's a lie. FIX IT. I put a thumbs down and there should be more until he does.

  2. My 12 year old plays this on our way to school.
    He struggles with social anxiety and I think this is his morning anthem.
    I have been proactive with a councilor and talking to him. He's not depressed he just needs a little morning boost. It's 130am and I'm listening to it on my own….

  3. i heard this song from my bf and it made me cry because it sounds just like me and him and right now he is not doing ok he is really depressed and having a shity life right now i try to cheer him up but he lives in Canada and i live in nc so it is really hard does anyone have advice to help i really need some right now

  4. i listened to this on a radio station (in Canada) and i liked it from the beginning and i think i want to learn this full song and play it at a show and try to impact people watching it .


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